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Aya Nakanishi (中西彩 Nakanishi Aya) is one of the original three victims of serial kidnapping and killing by Gaku Yashiro. The other two victims being Hiromi Sugita and Kayo Hinazuki. Aya is a perfect student studying at Izumi Primary near Mikoto Elementary and she also attends Hamanasu private tutoring school.


Aya became a target as she always spent the hour before cram school alone. She befriends Satoru Fujinuma's friends, which prevented her death.

She hates going to cram school because she can't hang out with her friends. She likes songs like "The Entertainer" by Scott Joplin and seemed to be put off when Satoru didn't know what it was. She loves playing piano and reading, but feels like Shakespeare is too hard to understand. Her parents want her to play piano and read Shakespeare, even though she's only in Elementary school. She's described to be bright, friendly and likeable who is close to her parents.

After she recognizes that they're the ones who play in their hideout across the river, she says that it's childish. Kazu defends it, saying that it's a "man's dream" and telling her to come there when she's bored.

She goes to cram school between 5 and 6:30 on Tuesdays to Fridays. One day, she went to the hideout and talked with Kazu, whom she had a crush on because she was attracted to his manliness and he began walking her home from school.


  • Her name Aya (彩) means "color".
  • Aya's surname Nakanishi means "middle" (中) (naka) and "west" (西) (nishi).
  • Adult Aya Nakanishi.png
    Aya plays piano.
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