Estradac28 Estradac28 3 September 2020

Things I just needed to say about Erased.

I wanna start by saying this is my first post. Also there are spoilers so if you are reading this without finishing the anime stop reading.

I love this anime, its one of my favorite but, I really disliked many things. First on being that the killer was too obvious. The teacher only wore a suit, he was too nice, and he had a lot of screen time. I disliked how there were not many relationships. I know they are kids and this is not a romcom anime but, it wouldn't have hurt to have a scene where Kayo hugged Satoru and thanked him. One scene like that would have been enough.I also didn't like how it ended. I just had so many questions left. Like did Airi and Satoru get together? What happend to the mom? What were Yashiro's consequences? The thi…

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XxLMNTxx XxLMNTxx 29 September 2019

I made an extremely granular analysis video about ERASED.

Not sure if I should state my case or blow the dust off of this place, so I decided I'll do both in former-to-latter order. First things first:

Hey there, wikia. Considering my prior statement I'm painfully aware of the fact that there's a damn good chance nobody will ever read this message, but I figured no harm could be done in putting it out there all the same. As I'm sure is the case for anybody on this wikia these days, ERASED is a show I hold pretty dear, have a lot of love for, and think very well of overall.

That said, it's also something that--upon my original viewing of it and to a greater extent ever since--has struck me as a show at war with itself in many ways, so much as so that I have a hard time considering to be *a* single s…

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Patrick x hunter Patrick x hunter 4 March 2016

i have an idea of the future episodes

(ok so i have not read the manga and don't plan on it) the date today is 2016 march 4 and i saw episode 9 and spoiler!!!! at the end of the episode we see his classmate in class with a red back pack and many signs in this show are not true at all but she has a red backpack like the 2nd target so i have a theory. since he is protecting the next target the killer will pick a new one which is her. but then i thought since there is no first target there must be a first so the killer hasn't started yet but he will with the girl at the end of episode 9

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Mai Is Me Mai Is Me 24 January 2016

I made a wallpaper

I made a background for this wiki, if it's wanted. I put a preview of what it looks like here . (This is it without a split and fixed.) It's a picture of Satoru's apartment from outside at night.

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