True Culprit: May 2006 is the fifth chapter of Boku Dake ga Inai Machi manga.


The chapter starts with Satoru entering the room while excitedly stating that it was the day of the festival.He stopped when he saw her sitting at the table, injured. She explains that her company's boss wanted her to marry him and was pulling her ham which caused it to get injured and then brushes it off as a joke. She tells him that she just tripped and suggested going to the festival.

At the festival, they walk around while looking at things and his mother buys him a mask of his favorite superhero. He then states that his mother didn't go to work for a while and that he was just glad that she stayed home. He states that his mother is always telling the truth when she says 'Just kidding'. He ponders over the fact that his mother might be afraid of talking to him about things like kidnappings.

His mother thinks about what she witnessed while shopping the supermarket. She thinks about how the person seemed familiar. She suddenly realizes who the person is and states that she forgot him because he had been ruled out from the suspect list. She then visits the library and heads for the 'Domestic cases' section. She checks the records and contemplates that the murderer might not be Jun Shiratori.

She then heads out and leans on a tree and wonders if the police would believe her if she went to them. She then calls an old friend of her'.

In the evening, she heads home while thinking about the things that happened and realizes that the person could be an expert at kidnappings and that he must have kidnapped the missing children. She then thinks that she will have to speak to Satoru about everything that happened in the past. She looks back as she hears the door open but is stabbed from the behind. As she falls, she thinks that she has to tell Satoru not to come home and that she has to apologize about not believing him when he told her that Yuuki was not the killer. She thinks of all the time she spent with her son.

Satoru bids everyone goodbye as he finishes his work. As he is leaving, Airi guesses what he had for breakfast and gets it right. As he heads home, he sees the door of his room open. He enters the room and reprimands his mother for leaving the door open only to see her on the floor with a knife sticking out of her back.