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Fugitive: February 1988 is the sixth chapter of Boku Dake ga Inai Machi manga.


The chapter starts with Satoru yelling for his mother not to die. He asks if she really is dead and experiences "Revival" again. He is transported back outside his house. Believing he could still save her, he runs towards his room only to be disappointed. He finds a piece of paper with a mobile number written on it. He thinks about why the "Revival" won't take him further back and realizes that the killer could still be around and starts looking for him. After looking around, he finds him hiding in the landlady' garden and chases after him. He loses him after a while and ends up running into a police officer. As he hides in an alley, he promises to find the killer. He tries to calm down and think about why his mother got killed and who he would go after next.

While thinking why the killer was waiting in the garden, he suddenly realizes that he was framed for the murder.

A few minutes later, he is found by a cop and he wills his "revival" to take him back in time and ends up making his first leap to 1988.He seems confused at first and looks around when a child runs past him, telling him he's going to be late. He looks shocked as he looks at the banner on the school building.