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Closure (終幕, Shūmaku) is the ninth episode of the Boku Dake ga Inai Machi anime.


As Akemi reacts violently to the accusations of Satoru and Sachiko, she is caught red-handed by Yashiro and the consultants, who suggest that Kayo be taken into custody. Just as Akemi prepares to storm off to the police, she is approached by her own mother, who regrets not being able to support her after having her divorce her abusive husband and raise Kayo on her own, leading Akemi to lament her own actions. With Kayo going off to live with her grandmother, Satoru turns his attention towards the other two potential victims; Hiromi Sugita, his classmate, and Aya Nakanishi, a student from the neighbouring school. While keeping a watch on both Hiromi and Aya, Satoru goes with Kenya and Hiromi to inspect the bus, the contents of which have now been removed, telling them about the serial killer that was targeting Kayo. 


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