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Flashing Before My Eyes (走馬灯, Sōmatō) is the first episode of Boku Dake ga Inai Machi anime.


Having been rejected by his editor, Satoru Fujinuma tears up his manga before going back to his apartment to rethink his life. After which, he gets a job at Oasi Pizza. During one of his deliveries, he experiences Revival, a unique phenomenon that sends him back in time by a few seconds, allowing him to perform life-saving feats. He uses this to save a boy from a runaway truck, whose driver had died from a heart attack, though becomes hospitalized for a few days as a result. During his sleep, Satoru flashes back to his childhood and recalls a mysterious girl dressed in red, standing alone at the park.

Upon waking up, he's greeted by his co-worker, Airi Katagiri, who praises Fujinuma for saving the child. Back at his home, Satoru's visited by his worried mother, Sachiko Fujinuma, who reminded him of an incident 18 years ago, in which Jun Shiratori, who Satoru called Yuuki, was arrested and charged for kidnapping and murder of two of his classmates.

The next day, during a trip to the store with Sachiko, he experiences another Revival, but fails to find the cause behind it. However, Sachiko spots a suspicious man who seemed to attempt to kidnap a child, who later enters a car by himself and drives off. Moments later, they run into Katagiri, who Sachiko invites to dinner.

Looking into the matter, Sachiko deduces that the man was the true killer, but before she can inform Satoru, she is killed in her son's home. After discovering Sachiko's body and accused of killing her, Satoru is sent back 18 years in time when he was still in elementary school.


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Anime and Manga Differences

  • In the manga, after his mother's murder, Satoru was sent a minute back in time in attempt to chase down the murderer before being caught by the police which later triggered a large-scale Revival.


  • The first episode has no intro and its opening theme was used for the ending credits.
  • In the manga bookstore, Ranma 1/2 manga posters can be seen next to the cash register.
  • The car the killer drove is a Toyota minivan.
  • In the anime when Sachiko Fujinuma ( Satoru's mom ) is on the phone with her coworker you can see a spiderweb attached to her head reflecting a story told in a future episode.

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