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Grim Reaper (死神, Shinigami) is the sixth episode of Boku Dake ga Inai Machi anime.


Coming across the burning house, Satoru rushes in to rescue Airi, who slips her phone into his pocket before the manager takes over the rescue. Finding the message left on Airi's phone, Satoru calls a number that Sachiko had left behind, arranging a meeting with an acquaintance of hers named Sawada. Sawada tells Satoru about the last phone call he received from Sachiko, in which she claimed to know who the true kidnapper was but was unable to tell him before she was killed. He also explains the reported details surrounding Kayo's death, noticing Jun's framing matches with another kidnapping incident in a nearby town and deducing the true kidnapper was the one who killed Sachiko. While Satoru looks up Sawada's findings on the kidnapping incident, including a list of previous suspects, Sawada goes to the hospital to meet up with Airi, only to discover that her mother has swapped places with her so she can prove Satoru's innocence. Airi meets up with Satoru, informing him of a mysterious man named Nishizono who may have been responsible for the fire, but police show up to arrest Satoru. As he is taken away, Satoru spots the man he saw leaving his house on the night of Sachiko's murder. 


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