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Out of Control (暴走, Bousou) is the seventh Episode of Boku Dake ga Inai Machi.


Determined not to let things end the way it is, Satoru successfully triggers his Revival through sheer willpower, returning him to February 28th, 1988. During school the next day, Kenya confronts Satoru about Kayo's situation at home, admitting that he's known for a while now about the domestic violence, and offers his assistance. Following the birthday party on March 2nd, Satoru throws a rock through Jun's window to bring about the police, providing him with an alibi for his whereabouts. Afterwards, Satoru seeks out Akemi and comes close to pushing her down some stairs, but is stopped by Kenya, who convinces him to choose a different course of action. Instead, Satoru decides to 'abduct' Kayo with her permission, taking her to an abandoned bus to hide out for a few days until she is confirmed to be safe. On the night of March 3rd however, an unknown character enters the bus while Kayo is sleeping. 


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