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Jun "Yuuki" Shiratori is a food delivery worker who lived in Satoru's hometown, and often approaches lone students around his house. Nicknamed "Yuuki" due to him always encouraging the children to be courageous, he is originally framed as the killer of the three kidnapped students in the town, and sentenced to death.


Jun is a handsome young man with brown eyes and short shaggy brown hair. His usual attire is a blue cap, which is turned to the back, a black t-shirt with a cream colored vest, gray jeans, and black & white canvas shoes.


Jun is always kind and encouraging towards the children he plays with, he usually plays around with his paper planes with Satoru after school and invites him in. Jun always seems to stutter a lot, too.


In the original timeline, Yuuki used to talk to lonely children and encourage them to make friends. He worked part-time at his father's shop till early morning and was often mistaken as unemployed. This is one of the reasons why he was suspected by the police for the murders in the town.

After Satoru saved Kayo and the others, he was also saved from the death sentence. After Satoru fell into a coma, Jun started his business in an unnamed South East Asian country where he met his future wife.


  • The Shiratori's family pickup is loosely based off the 8th generation Suzuki Carry Pickup (DA71T), which, in the anime, Jun continues to use and hold ownership to.
  • His surname Shiratori (白鳥) means "white bird".
  • Jun Shiratori is likely inspired from Yoshie Shiratori, a Japanese prisoner who was falsely accused of his crimes and then successfully escaped multiple prisons.


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