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Spiral (螺旋, Rasen) is the eighth episode of Boku Dake ga Inai Machi.


Kayo barely manages to hide from the intruder before he takes his leave, leaving behind a footprint on a box he kicked. The next evening, as Yashiro goes with some people from the Child Consultation Center to investigate Kayo's house, Kayo tells Satoru and the others about the previous night's intruder. Looking into a rucksack that was left behind, they find tools that Satoru recognises as the ones used to implicate Jun for Kayo's murder, as well as a briquette presumed to belong to the killer. Realizing he is still stuck in the loop of abduction murders, Satoru takes Kayo to spend the night at his house, where Sachiko had been expecting them. The next day, Satoru and Sachiko accompany Kayo back to her house to confront Akemi. 


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