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Takahashi is the manager of Oasi Pizza.


Takahashi is the Manager in Oasi Pizza but when he heard that his worker named Satoru Fujinuma has blamed for killing Sachiko Fujinuma (Satoru's mother), Takahashi brings him to his home to stay. But when Satoru sees that Takahashi is talking to the police outside of their house, he made a break for it and leaves his house.

Takahashi returns as he talks to an unknown person on his office about his business in Pizzeria. And as Takahashi follows to Airi Katagiri's house, there, he saw Satoru sneaking towards her house, he was about to call the police until Airi sees him. And with her anger, she drops the pizza, throws his cellphone and punch him to his face. Causing Takahashi's nose to bleed.

He then later returns to help both Satoru and Airi from Airi's burning house, but Takahashi then decides to help Satoru as well by telling him to leave at the back of Airi's house. Which Satoru did and left as Takahashi help Airi to get out of the burning building.

He was last shown delivering pizzas in Episode 12.


  • The surname Takahashi means "tall, high" (高) (taka) and "bridge" (橋) (hashi).


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