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Yashiro's brother (also known as The Killer's brother), is the posthumous overarching antagonist of the series ERASED and the older brother of Gaku Yashiro, he only appears in the manga and possibly a cut concept character in the anime and live action. He was one of the main reason for Gaku's villainy.


Yashiro's brother was abusive towards his brother to the point that he forcibly gets Yashiro to keep guard as he lured a young girl into the shed, and raped her. Yashiro would then manipulate the girl into not telling the truth of what happened to her. Since then, Yashiro's brother would rape a young girl monthly, and Yashiro took a thrill out of manipulating them into getting molested by his older brother. However, when Yashiro wasn't keeping watch over the shed, their mother began to approach the shed; out of desperation, his brother attempted to silence his recent victim, but he accidentally ends up killing her.

Fearing the consequences, Yashiro's brother attempts to pin the murder on Yashiro. Realizing his brother's intentions, Yashiro murders him, and hangs him up with a noose in order to give off the illusion that he had killed himself. Despite being a one-time character, his brother left a lasting effect on his mind. Eventually, Yashiro attempted to lure children to their deaths, but he wasn't successful. When he was to marry a child psychologist, he took advantage of her knowledge on child psychology, and used that to commit several successful murders.

In the final chapters of the manga after Yashiro was arrested, Yashiro's Brother was mentioned by Yashiro as in he admitted the murder of his older brother, finally allowing him to rest in peace despite he was a villain.



  • He is the only antagonist to be absent from the 2016 anime mini-series, it's most likely due to the graphic content pertaining to Gaku's back story possibly to keep its TV-14 Rating, another reason why he was cut was possibly to save time. He also didn't appear in the live action adaptations (both 2016 and Netflix version).
    • Due to the lack of Gaku's backstory, the reason why Gaku motives on becoming a serial killer would be unknown due to his brother not appearing.
    • In spite not appearing, it is possible that he would be the unseen overarching antagonist.
  • He is also the only ERASED antagonist to die (since both Akemi and Gaku were both arrested and brought to justice).
    • He is also the only antagonist to not face the hero (Satoru), since he had been long dead by the time the events of the series.
  • It was never explained why he was abusive towards Gaku and how long he was abusing him, and what caused him to do it.
  • If he succeeds in framing Yashiro this would possibly make the main antagonist of the series instead of Gaku.
  • Despite being a one time character, he is the overarching antagonist and the heavy, cause he was responsible for starting the events of the series and Gaku's villainy of him turning into a psychologically broken serial killer.
    • If he never abused Gaku or raped girls, some parts of the series not happen Gaku would never commit the murders or kill Sachiko. Gaku would've been a different person.
  • Chronologically he is the first antagonist.
  • Even he's a one time character, Yashiro's brother can be the most evilest and darkest character than Akemi and Gaku in ERASED to his cruel nature of him turning his brother to a monster like him, causing Gaku's villainy, psychologically breaking Gaku and ruining his bright future, showing no remorse on bullying him, lack redeeming qualities and instigating the events of ERASED.
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